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"Unmasking is a revealing insight into the artist’s world, backed up with lush tunes and atmospheric, varied, musical landscapes" - Louder Than War

"Aching pop songs that are lovingly sculpted and centered on yearning vocals and deeply personal lyrics" - Bandcamp


Robin Jax, through his solo work as RobinPlaysChords, one-half of the transatlantic duo The Companions, and founder of Tiergarten Records, has spent years trying to come to some sort of reckoning with the person he was, the person he could have been, and the person he wanted to become. Live performances saw him don an actual mask - a filter through which he could project songs previously rooted in an extremely internalised headspace. Six years on from the fantastical Teardrop Girl-Star LP, a post-apocalyptic dreaming of an album, Unmasking marks the first major evolution of RobinPlaysChords’ musical direction. It is an album of geography, humanity, flesh, blood and bone, tempered by world events that have proven that reality is stranger than fiction.


RobinPlaysChords has previously supported a range of artists including Purple Pilgrims, Alabaster dePlume, Thomas Truax and Camilla Sparksss, along with performance roles in multi-disciplinary shows by Spectra Arts Company, singing in a choir alongside Wolfgang Buttress' BE Music (and 50,000 bees) in Coventry Cathedral and regular contributions to The Shining Tongues, the project of The Infinite Three's Dan Knowler.

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Room Art - Incidental (2017, live at Warwick Arts Centre)


BE Music (2017, live at Coventry Cathedral)

The Companions - New Earth (2018, Tiergarten Records)

Spectra Arts Company - Eat the Stars (2019, on tour)

Various Artists - Songs from the Coal Vaults (2020, From the Vaults)

The Shining Tongues - Will She Sleep (2020, Actual Size)

The Shining Tongues - Make Us Eat (2020, Actual Size)

Spectra Arts Company - New Heights (2020)

Various Artists - Friends Covering Friends Vol. 1 (2020, Z Tapes)

S. C. Paton - Everything Sucks (2021, self-released)

The Shining Tongues - The Prayer EP (2021, Actual Size)

Why I Swim OST (2021)

mynameisblueskye - Autism Acceptance EP (2021, self-released)

Spectra Arts Company - Passing Time (2021)

The Shining Tongues - Milk of God (2021, Actual Size)

S. C. Paton - Don't  Exist Inside Your Own Head (2022, live at Moseley Baths)

The Shining Tongues - Summer Solstice XXI-VI-MMXXII (2022, self-released)

Spectra Arts Company - Abundance (2022, Birmingham Festival)

Spectra Arts Company - Woods for the Trees (2023)

Oumuamua - Oumuamua 1/Oumuamua 2 (2023)

The Shining Tongues - I Eat Rubbish (2023, Actual Size Music)

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